Why choose Oak Street Construction?

As a full service contractor, Oak Street Construction LLC works closely with clients to bring an idea to reality. We are present from the design through the completion of all our projects.

Kitchen Remodeling
There is no other living space in your home with a greater importence than your kitchen. Whether you are doing a full remodel or just wanting to update your kitchen. We will meet with you and discuss your vision and togther we will build the kitchen of your dreams and once again bring the family together.
Bathroom Remodeling
Do you feel that your bathroom is out of date? Are you in need of a makeover and style transformation to serve your family better, for both today and tomorrow? Let us a build a design that can and will enhance your life.
second kitchen
Timeless design
Have you ever picked up a magazine from another era and thought to yourself that you would like to see that in your home or one day your office? Why do some homes look outdated and tired while others always look fresh and current? More importantly, we can work together to create your home so that it does not appear dated in just a few years.
Custom accents
Are you wanting to create a one-of-a-kind custom architectural accent piece for your home or office? Do you have an idea and need someone to bring it to life? Then Oak Street Construction can work with you to achieve your unique and inspiring design.